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There are three ways you can work with me one on one:

Soul Reading
Spiritual Mentoring
Intuitive Biz Mentoring

What is a soul reading?

I am now booked out until January 2020.

Please click here to express your interest in a reading when they are available again.

Soul Readings are done via email (2k words minimum), video + MP3 (50 mins minimum)

Readings are £111

A soul reading begins by tuning into your energy and creating energy healing grids to hold you for the duration of the reading.

When you show up for a reading you are not just showing up for me to tell you the answers - you are showing up for yourself, your guides, angels and all those who are with you from the light

During the reading there are many layers working - I am channelling and tuning in for you, and you are open to receiving messages, healing and clearing in many forms. My soul readings hold the space for all this to happen.

Although I do use tarot and oracle cards, my readings have evolved over the years from being straight to the point tarot guidance into something a little different!

In your reading I connect with your higher self, your guides and angels and I pass on whatever information comes through

I work through the Akashic Records and other places where higher vibrational information is stored to access information about your life purpose, past lives, potential futures (I don't believe anything is set in stone!) and other higher level information.


A soul reading can Help you:

  • Check-in with yourself + your soul connection and journey

  • Get clear on your life purpose

  • Understand your role as a Lightworker or Starseed

  • Identify, release and heal past life blocks + repeating patterns

  • See your life, relationships + challenges from a higher perspective and move through them with more ease and grace

  • Step into your power and level up spiritually or in other areas of your life

  • Learn tips and tools for how to work with your own energy and connect with your own guides and angels

  • With anything else your spiritual team want to help you with!

What is Biz Mentoring?

I am offering a limited number of Intuitive Business Mentoring sessions exclusively for members of the Fully Lit Mastermind.

Click here to learn more about joining the Mastermind and working with me on your spiritual or creative business.

Biz Mentoring is done via a one hour Zoom call at a time that works for us both.

Biz Mentoring is for gorgeous souls running soulful heart-centred businesses.

Whether you are just starting out with an idea, working towards going full time with your biz or are already running a biz empire a mentoring session can help you get some clarity and get to the next level!

In a Biz Mentoring session we will look at your business from a soul perspective. We look at what is going on in your business as it relates to your life purpose, heart and soul alignment and planetary service work.


A Biz mentoring session can Help you:

  • Look at the current energy of your biz and yourself

  • Look at how your biz relates to your purpose work

  • Identify blocks and challenges and the energetic/spiritual origin of these + how to clear and navigate through them

  • Practical advice on running a business including content creation, offerings, marketing, social media, self-care etc.

  • Money mindset work, pricing and worthiness issues

  • Space held for you to vent and talk through anything business related

  • Often we end up talking about non-related things coming up in your life as these can have a big impact on your work!

  • Anything else that comes up!

What is Spiritual Mentoring?

Spiritual Mentoring Sessions are available on a case by case basis. Please get in touch to chat about how we could do this work together.

Spiritual Mentoring is done via a one hour Zoom call at a time that works for us both.

Spiritual Mentoring is for people who are ready to take things to the next level spiritually.

These sessions are not about me giving you the answers. They are about helping you to be able to get the answers for yourself!

If a soul reading was a pizza of dreams, spiritual mentoring would be the cooking class!


A Mentoring Session can also be a space holding session.

The means we simply gather in safe, sacred space (over the internet!) and I hold energetic space while you move through whatever is coming up for you. It sounds simple, but it can be deeply healing. I can pull you some cards, pass on any messages that come through, or simply just hold you in spirit.


A spiritual mentoring session can Help you:

  • Develop a spiritual practice that works for you

  • Tune into the voice of your intuition

  • Trust your intuition

  • Connect with your guides, angels or other beings who may be working with you

  • Identify blocks to your connection and begin to move through them

  • Connect to your own truth and inner wisdom

  • Align your energy

  • See the path ahead more clearly

  • Have the confidence to move forward on your best and highest path

  • Talk through anything that is coming up for you

  • Vent and release stuck emotions or fear

  • Feel the support of someone else who is on the spiritual path


"Every teacher needs support, and it's you I come to when I need answers. Thank you so much, every word resonates fully."



Crystal Unicorn Tarot x

Crystal Unicorn Tarot x

The Circle New Age Hipster

You can also work with me through my monthly membership community the circle!


Your fate is in your own hands.

You should never give your power away to a Soul Reader, Intuitive, a Psychic, Tarot Reader, Healer, Author of your favourite spiritual book or anyone else who may offer you opinions and advice, that includes me.

Take what resonates and leave the rest.

No one is responsible for your choices in life but you.

Others can help you on your path. They can help you check the map and point out the way, but you are the one who has to ultimately decide which way to walk.

*I do not read on any questions relating to health or legal issues. It is always best to see a doctor or a legal professional in those instances.

*I can help you clear money blocks and shift your money mindset stuff, but I do not give financial advice on what you should do with your money.

*I do not do third party readings. This means I won't look into someone else's energy or situations on your behalf.

*I am not responsible for any decisions you make based on working with me.

*All Readings and Sessions remain totally confidential unless something is disclosed which I feel needs to be reported to the appropriate services.

*I have a no refunds policy for Mentoring Sessions, Readings and digital content. You are not paying for what comes through, you are paying for my time. If you are unsure if a reading is right for you or not spend some time hanging out and getting to know me on socials or YouTube (all the links just down there below!) before you decide. :)