About Vix

Hello Vix New Age Hipster

Hello there, I'm Vix! I'm a Soul ReaderYA novelist, 80's enthusiast and New Age Hipster. Originally from Australia, now drinking a lot of rooibos tea while living in Royal Tunbridge Wells (just outside of London), England.

My spiritual journey is, and always has been a huge part of my life.

This path has helped me to navigate this crazy human experience with more ease and grace and I am so, so very grateful that I get to help other people on their journeys for a job!

I'm a big believer that when it comes to spirituality we should all just do whatever works for us.

My spiritual path is super eclectic and always growing and evolving. I believe there are a gazillion paths to love and to connection with the divine.

I have strong ties to Atlantis, Ancient Egypt + Sirius, but I am curious about just about everything and I am often exploring different aspects of spiritual wisdom!

About me - Vix New Age Hipster

And in terms of "human" stuff, I love sitting in Stone Circles and hunting for vintage treasures in charity shops and on a rainy day you'll likely find me with my head in a Young Adult novel or binge watching Riverdale or a John Hughes movie with a vegan pizza and a beer!

Before I was a full time New Age Hipster I was a High School Drama/English + Special Ed teacher and I also spent three very incredible years at Music Theatre School!

Check out the work with me page for more info on how we can make some magic together!

Here's the bio bit:

A Priestess for present times, a modern mystic and spiritual teacher in converse sneakers, Vix believes that being connected to our own hearts, souls and spiritual team is our natural state and she’s excited to be able to be of service to those who are searching for a way back. Vix is devoted to helping others reconnect to their own light, inner guidance and power so they can live out their best and highest lives. She supports her growing worldwide community through one on one Soul Readings, workshops, the New Age Hipster podcast, blog, YouTube channel, online groups and social media ministry. 

Vix is an ex-high school and special ed teacher, she is a YA indie author and enjoys drinking tea, exploring stone circles, eating vegan pizza and watching 80's movies.